It’s an unexplainable feeling when the things you’ve prayed for end up becoming your reality! The mere fact that GOD knew I was able to carry such a vision and instill all that was required to make it manifest within me is like WOW!
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The Closed Chapter of an Open Book

“Maya Angelou wrote a quote that states ” There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”

When I read this quote it touched me in an unexplainable way because of its truth! Agony is defined as extreme physical or mental suffering. Many of us have untold stories within us. There are situations that we’ve faced, circumstances current and past, trauma, rape, molestation, abuse (verbal or mental), addictions and the list goes on. There is something in everyone’s life that takes them to a place of hurt! Just the thought of it makes your heart ache, tears form in your eyes and it even makes you feel emotions you’d rather not feel at all.  Read more


If it’s one thing I know, believe and am certain of it is “NOTHING CAN STOP GOD’S PLAN!” In life we may not always know Gods plan but we do know that he has one for our lives. The more obedient we become to his word and instructions, the more he begins to unfold his plan in our life! The more faithful we are to God the more faithful he is to us! The more we trust in him, the more we can understand and trust his plan even when “WE” don’t understand it!

When God has a great plan for your life he will strip you from anything and anyone that can hinder it. I’ve learned through time and of course growth that when GOD CALLS YOU,ANOINTS YOU, SETS YOU APART, CHOSES YOU! The enemy automatically wants to DESTROY YOU,CONFUSE YOU,CRIPPLE YOU,LIMIT YOU! But” NOTHING” or “NO ONE” can stop GODS PLAN!

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I’m talking to “The Woman in the mirror”!

Mirror-a reflective surface, now typically of glass coated with a metal amalgam, that reflects a clear image. The mirror can be your best friend or worst enemy. Oh boy!!! There are so many ways I’m about to touch base on this mirror!

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I’ve learned that the ONLY limits I have are the ones that I place on myself! Not only am I a firm believer of the word of GOD but I live my life according to it! The more that I grow in Christ the more I realize that I have unlimited access to his favor and blessings.

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The Upgrade

“Upgrade is defined as : An increase or improvement”
In life we are so use to accepting the same old things! We say we want more,we deserve more,and look crazy at others for actually doing what it takes to obtain more! It’s going to take accepting responsibility for your own actions! It’s also going to take for you to stop trying to place the blame on others for where you are! Truth is we are all capable of UPGRADING our lives but we’re too lazy or complacent in a certain state to do what it takes to make it happen.

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Pay Attention

As I was taking a little break to deal with life changes I got some good messages to share! I want to share two words “PAY ATTENTION”. When a teacher is trying to teach a lesson they want to make sure they have your undivided attention! Do you remember being in school and the teacher is up talking and giving us the necessary information to complete our assignments? Uh huh and then someone else is talking, we join in or the class clown blurts out something to interrupt the class? What happened? Everyone became distracted,we missed the information being given and the teacher has to regroup everyone back to state of focus! Okay and what about the good students who always do well and the teacher notices a change in their academics? Or the student that begins to progress after having one on one time with the teacher. They’re taking time to be tutored and studying more!

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The Naked Truth

I believe people are afraid to be real in fear of judgment. NEWSFLASH: WE WEREN’T BORN TO BE PERFECT, WE WERE BORN TO BE REAL!!!! We make life so much more complicated for ourselves trying to live out a lie and hide our TRUTH. There’s no point that you have to prove, there’s no image that you have to keep up, there’s no one you should be trying to please or impress except for GOD! It’s so important to get to a place where you can accept “YOUR TRUTH” and just BE REAL. Just because you’ve had a nasty attitude, cursed like a sailor, fornicated, lied, cheated, been abused, went to jail, stolen from others, been addicted drugs or alcohol and so on does not make you a bad person. All of us have made poor choices in life and many that we aren’t proud of! GOD gave his only begotten son and what happened on Calvary lets us know that no matter what we face, encounter or have done Jesus died for our sins and can redeem us!

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Expiration Dates


A reality in life I have learned is that everything really has an expiration date! When we go shopping for groceries we check the expiration date on our products. After a certain time, the product is no longer good or has no usage. If you go shopping You have a limited time to return/exchange before the return/exchange date is void or expires. The life we live every day will have an expiration date! As you can see EXPIRATION DATES matter! I use to always look at how some expiration dates are different from others depending on what it is. I then started applying expiration to my personal life! Read more

Different strokes,for Different folks!

I remember walking through the Health Science building when I was in school to be a Health Unit Coordinator and saying to myself..”Girl, I’m so proud of you!” Why was I proud of myself? Well, because I had did everything that ASHLEY wanted to do and this was my last short term goal to achieve! While it’s so common for everyone to live up to the expectations of others, I always did what ASHLEY felt would make ASHLEY happy! How coincidental that the same day we ended up studying the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs scale! Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a motivational theory in psychology comprising a five-tier model of human needs. The scale is taught from bottom to top.
The first two levels show our basic needs, the next two our psychological needs and the top and last level are self-fulfillment needs. Studying this scale helped me to realize and made me feel even more comfortable in my “uniqueness” or being different. Trust me I always knew that I was different. While everyone wanted to be a doctor or lawyer, I loved working with kids, reading, crafting and creating, writing, art, and hair! That’s what “I” loved to do! I realized so many people go through life unhappy, trying to fulfill the expectations of others or make everyone else happy and proud of them and neglect their own happiness. So many people are AFRAID-afraid to BE! afraid to be different, afraid to stand out, afraid to love themselves, afraid to embrace everything they are! Too many people would rather be like everybody else so that they can be accepted or feel needed! When studying or looking at the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs scale you’ll see the five-stage model can be divided into deficiency needs and growth needs. The top level is known as growth or being needs (B-needs). Our growth needs don’t form from our lack of something, but from our personal desire to grow as an individual. When we become satisfied enough with our growth needs, we become more capable of reaching the highest level called “self-actualization“. When you reach the point of being a self-actualized individual you understand that IT’S OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT! I am one who has reached self-actualization and I love it! I’ve learned to accept who I am, where I am and understand that I always have room to grow! I LOVE BEING DIFFERENT!– I am independent, I don’t conform to others,I value my privacy but I love to mingle and interact! I love laughing, joking,I am compassionate, I’m open and transparent! I am not confined to a boxed life! I desire to always be myself, love, and embrace myself just for who GOD created me to be! Why should I fit in when I was born to stand out! I understand that I am not for everybody and I AM OKAY WITH THAT! To those who are struggling with being ” The different one” or “Black Sheep”- Let them underestimate you, let them look down on you, let them shut you out! It can get frustrating YES! But understand that while they may isolate you GOD is insulating you with so many great things! He’s grooming, pruning and plowing the ground so that your life can produce many fruits! The very things that make you DIFFERENT are going to be a great asset to the KINGDOM OF GOD and his people! You being different will position you to make a DIFFERENCE.


ALWAYS remember Originals are worth more than copies, BeYOUtiful,Be Different!
-They don’t have to like it or love it, “There are DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS”
-Lady Ashley