As I entered into 2019 I vowed to keep an open mind and to stand steadfast on what I believe. I felt myself going through a constant shift. My focus shifted, my relationships shifted, my finances shifted, my mindset shifted and even my prayer life shift! EVERYTHING SHIFTED! As this shift was taking place I realized that the prayers I have prayed, the words I had spoken, the things on my mind and the desires of my heart were there in the mix! I have always been one that believes that being in proper position and posture is important. Although sometimes life happens and we kind of get distracted, GOD has a way of redirecting us back to where we need to be right? Yes! Right! Well, the shift I was going through actually helped me remain in proper posture but most of all it shifted me into the direction GOD needed me to be in.

I know that it can be uncomfortable going through transitions by personal experience I’ve had in my own life. But, what I have come to find out and appreciate is that although things may seem a bit uncomfortable God is transitioning me. There will be times in life where GOD will also take you through a shifting. It may seem like you’re lost or can’t fully understand what’s going on, But trust that GOD has things all under control. As I stated at the beginning of this blog, I was going through a constant shift! EVERYTHING SHIFTED! At first, I felt a little uncomfortable but I stood on what I believed! I knew that it was nobody but the Lord himself when I saw my prayers showing up in the shift! My declarations were manifesting in the shift, my hearts desires were birthing in this shift!!!! Read more