Can you focus on ME?

H.E.R made a song called “Can you focus on me”. I must say from the beat, tempo, lyrics the song is a good vibe right? I was sitting listening to this song and behold God speaks in the midst! I started laughing like GOD you have a great sense of humor but I hear you. I really was like Lord I will definitely deliver the message to your people. Throughout the song, the artist is expressing her need for attention and affection from her partner. She is trying to relay the message of needing more from the relationship. She is feeling pushed off, neglected, and just she has had enough! All she wants is the focus to be on her!
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This blog is dedicated to all my sisters who have been tapping into their purpose! It’s for my sisters who have been healing and discovering just how dope you are! Oh yea and my sisters who are out here being intentional in all they do! Girllllllll keep doing your thing! Keep reading and let me encourage you! Read more