Have you been tried in the FIRE?

There’s an old song that I use to hear by The Florida Mass choir called “Have you been tried in the fire”. Over the weekend I took time to reflect and spend some quiet time with God. I was working on a project and paused, I began to think about my mother’s death anniversary approaching. I sat in the middle of my bed and looked at her picture that’s sitting in the middle of my dresser. I heard God clearly speak to my spirit and say Have you been tried in the fire? Read more


Have you ever felt like everyone around you was moving up, reaching their goals, flourishing, and becoming?  Did you find yourself becoming bitter? Starting to compare or compete? Have you ever gotten to the point where you began to grow weary and ask God ” WHAT ABOUT ME”? Today I want to encourage the women who are always comparing their lives to others. I want to help the women who find it hard to congratulate the accomplishments of other women. I want to also help the women who are secretly competing against those they consider friends. Sis, you do not have to operate like that. God has not forgettn you! Keep reading I have a message for you! Read more

Can you love me naked?

In a world where everyone feels they must be well made up and close to perfect we often forget the beauty of nakedness. So many people hide behind materials and try to make things look a certain way just for acceptance. The smiles hide pain, the make up hides blemishes and truth is we’ll do anything to cover up a flaw. We have a tendacy of trying to hide the things that really have made us who we are. Truth is, no one is perfect and we all have flaws. We all have a past and sometimes certain moments aren’t easy to revisit. If we could we’d bury ourself in things to refrain from having to be vulnerable with others. Read more

The life of Luxury

I’ve looked defeat in the face so many times. I’ve struggled to keep my faith before. I’ve asked God for clarity on WHY I faced some of the challenges I have plenty of times. Life sometimes has gotten the best of me and discouragement has even tried to become my friend.  I’ve been down, hurt and broken and even played the game of pretending. Girl I know! It’s been a rough and bumpy road but I’m glad I didn’t stop! I am so happy I found a man, a REAL  man and he introduced me to a lifestyle that I’ll never give up! Read more