I am big on authentic relationships and friendships. I am a private person, but open to those who know me. I like peace, I use logic, I think before I act, I evaluate before I respond, and I expect that from others. Who I allow in my personal space is BIG to me. I understand what I carry can’t be compromised and I am sure of who I am. I understand seasons, reasons, and timing. I am all about being with and around those who understand HONOR. Lately, God has been dealing with me in the spirit about honor! Read more

Balance and Alignment

Have you ever felt like you need more time for yourself? Between work, responsibilities, marriage, relationship, or maybe even motherhood… you just want a break! Trying to constantly juggle the many tasks you have and make time for yourself can seem impossible at times. Finding balance and learning to manage your time wisely can seem like a task. But it can also be an identifier that we may be out of alignment with our relationship with God.  Read more

Can you handle it?

Usher made a song titled ” Can you handle it”. Many will listen to the lyrics and notice that it has an intimate meeting the further along you listen. But, I want to focus on specific parts of the song that God brought to my attention to using. The song starts off by saying What’s up, baby? I’m so glad I got you here, I’m so in love with you, And I don’t ever wanna lose you, I wanna take this to the next level, I hope you ready. God is trying to relay a message to those who have been seeking him! There are somethings that have forced you to want to be in his presence. He’s pleased to know that you are getting in his presence and wants you to remain in this position and posture. He doesn’t want to lose you, he wants you to remain in this posture and allow him to speak to you. There is a NEW LEVEL that he wants to take you to. God wants to take you to this NEXT LEVEL but he wants to make you sure you are ready! He has to see that you can handle what you’ve been praying for!

Usher then goes to the next part and asks the question “Can you handle it, if I go there, baby, with you?” Many of you reading this today have been seeking God for some BIG things. You’ve been praying for things that are beyond your reach! You’ve been praying for things beyond your control! You’ve been praying for some things that you know and understand can’t be obtained through your natural abilities. You know that you need God to move in order for this thing to happen! But just as Usher posed the question… God is saying ” Can you handle it?” If he goes there with you sis, CAN YOU HANDLE IT??? If he allows you to be presented with that opportunity you’ve been praying for, CAN YOU HANDLE IT? If he gives you that promotion you’ve been praying for, CAN YOU HANDLE IT? If he releases the lender to give you the loan to purchase that home, CAN YOU HANDLE IT? If he sends you the husband and it leads to marriage, CAN YOU HANDLE IT? If he gives you that financial blessing, CAN YOU HANDLE IT?  If he allows you to elevate spiritually, CAN YOU HANDLE IT?

Don’t be discouraged if the things you’ve been praying for haven’t made it to you yet sis! Be reminded that God loves you! He is pleased to see that you have decided to enter into his presence. He wants you to know he doesn’t want to lose you! You must remain in his presence and consistently seek him. Your heart posture towards him and position in prayer is what moves his hand on your behalf! Remain faithful to him. To someone who is reading this today, God is watching, he cares and he is about to reward you for your obedience, faithfulness, and discipline to his word and instructions. Although at times it has been difficult, just know that he has been preparing you! He wants to take you to the next level! Every test you had in this season of your life was just God asking you in the spirit CAN YOU HANDLE IT?

Be Blessed!

Lady Ashley