As I entered into 2019 I vowed to keep an open mind and to stand steadfast on what I believe. I felt myself going through a constant shift. My focus shifted, my relationships shifted, my finances shifted, my mindset shifted and even my prayer life shift! EVERYTHING SHIFTED! As this shift was taking place I realized that the prayers I have prayed, the words I had spoken, the things on my mind and the desires of my heart were there in the mix! I have always been one that believes that being in proper position and posture is important. Although sometimes life happens and we kind of get distracted, GOD has a way of redirecting us back to where we need to be right? Yes! Right! Well, the shift I was going through actually helped me remain in proper posture but most of all it shifted me into the direction GOD needed me to be in.

I know that it can be uncomfortable going through transitions by personal experience I’ve had in my own life. But, what I have come to find out and appreciate is that although things may seem a bit uncomfortable God is transitioning me. There will be times in life where GOD will also take you through a shifting. It may seem like you’re lost or can’t fully understand what’s going on, But trust that GOD has things all under control. As I stated at the beginning of this blog, I was going through a constant shift! EVERYTHING SHIFTED! At first, I felt a little uncomfortable but I stood on what I believed! I knew that it was nobody but the Lord himself when I saw my prayers showing up in the shift! My declarations were manifesting in the shift, my hearts desires were birthing in this shift!!!! Read more


On the journey of growth, we can be so hard on ourselves! We put ourselves through so much unnecessary stress! Focusing on life’s time table we tend to forget that the GOD that we serve doesn’t operate of time!!! Every blessing promised to us will be ours when the time is right! We get all worked up thinking that we have to perfect and get everything right all the time! Read more



Proverbs 3:5-6 says Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, lean not unto your own understanding. But in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path.

I have learned by personal experience that the more that I TRUST GOD the more he leads and guides me. The more that I TRUST him deposits into me! When I TRUST GOD with every area of my life I am firmly believing that I can rely on him, his truth and ability! I am not leaning to my own understanding because when I trust GOD I acknowledge that he is in control! Read more

I am the fine print!

This blog is to encourage the woman who is out here being intentional in life! Please don’t give up! Do not be discouraged by what it looks like! Continue to work hard, invest in yourself and master your craft! You don’t have to rush, life is a journey and not a race! TAKE YOUR TIME! What you have to offer is worth it!

I have been personally taking time to focus on what it is that God has given me to offer this world! I don’t take lightly the assignment that God has placed on my life for me to fulfill. I understand that what I possess can only be accessed through thoroughly knowing and understanding who God is and what he can do! There are specific details about me! You can not skim through what you see, but you have to take time and read my “FINE PRINT”. Read more


It’s an unexplainable feeling when the things you’ve prayed for end up becoming your reality! The mere fact that GOD knew I was able to carry such a vision and instill all that was required to make it manifest within me is like WOW!
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The Closed Chapter of an Open Book

“Maya Angelou wrote a quote that states ” There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”

When I read this quote it touched me in an unexplainable way because of its truth! Agony is defined as extreme physical or mental suffering. Many of us have untold stories within us. There are situations that we’ve faced, circumstances current and past, trauma, rape, molestation, abuse (verbal or mental), addictions and the list goes on. There is something in everyone’s life that takes them to a place of hurt! Just the thought of it makes your heart ache, tears form in your eyes and it even makes you feel emotions you’d rather not feel at all.  Read more


If it’s one thing I know, believe and am certain of it is “NOTHING CAN STOP GOD’S PLAN!” In life we may not always know Gods plan but we do know that he has one for our lives. The more obedient we become to his word and instructions, the more he begins to unfold his plan in our life! The more faithful we are to God the more faithful he is to us! The more we trust in him, the more we can understand and trust his plan even when “WE” don’t understand it!

When God has a great plan for your life he will strip you from anything and anyone that can hinder it. I’ve learned through time and of course growth that when GOD CALLS YOU,ANOINTS YOU, SETS YOU APART, CHOSES YOU! The enemy automatically wants to DESTROY YOU,CONFUSE YOU,CRIPPLE YOU,LIMIT YOU! But” NOTHING” or “NO ONE” can stop GODS PLAN!

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I’m talking to “The Woman in the mirror”!

Mirror-a reflective surface, now typically of glass coated with a metal amalgam, that reflects a clear image. The mirror can be your best friend or worst enemy. Oh boy!!! There are so many ways I’m about to touch base on this mirror!

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I’ve learned that the ONLY limits I have are the ones that I place on myself! Not only am I a firm believer of the word of GOD but I live my life according to it! The more that I grow in Christ the more I realize that I have unlimited access to his favor and blessings.

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The Upgrade

“Upgrade is defined as : An increase or improvement”
In life we are so use to accepting the same old things! We say we want more,we deserve more,and look crazy at others for actually doing what it takes to obtain more! It’s going to take accepting responsibility for your own actions! It’s also going to take for you to stop trying to place the blame on others for where you are! Truth is we are all capable of UPGRADING our lives but we’re too lazy or complacent in a certain state to do what it takes to make it happen.

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