Can you focus on ME?

H.E.R made a song called “Can you focus on me”. I must say from the beat, tempo, lyrics the song is a good vibe right? I was sitting listening to this song and behold God speaks in the midst! I started laughing like GOD you have a great sense of humor but I hear you. I really was like Lord I will definitely deliver the message to your people. Throughout the song, the artist is expressing her need for attention and affection from her partner. She is trying to relay the message of needing more from the relationship. She is feeling pushed off, neglected, and just she has had enough! All she wants is the focus to be on her!
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This blog is dedicated to all my sisters who have been tapping into their purpose! It’s for my sisters who have been healing and discovering just how dope you are! Oh yea and my sisters who are out here being intentional in all they do! Girllllllll keep doing your thing! Keep reading and let me encourage you! Read more

Mind your own business

We live in a society that thrives off of negativity. People have been operating in the crab in the bucket mentality for so long that it has become the “NEW NORMAL”! I mean the goal is growth and elevation, right? I’ve been asked many times and on numerous occasions why is it so hard for people to move up? My answer has been and will always be ” Because people don’t know how to and need to learn how to mind their own business”! That’s the problem, it has always been the problem and will continue to be the problem until people tend to what they need to tend to for themselves. Think about it…. How can anyone focus or grow in their own lives if they’re always into someone else’s business? They can’t and they won’t! Read more


I remember growing up and saying all the things that I would do. Born into this world as a creative my mind was always running at a fast pace! As I began to grow older I realized GOD wouldn’t give me visions, dreams, and goals that I would be able to accomplish off my own ability. I can recall all the BIG things that I wanted to do, things that would require much sacrifice. I never had it all figured out on how I would get a lot of things done but I DID IT ANYWAY!  I have always been a person of great faith and keeping Jesus at the center of it all.   There were some lessons I learned along the way and some were harder to accept than others. Sharing is caring and I want to encourage someone to go after whatever it is God has placed in your heart to fulfill on this earth with the lessons I’ve learned! Read more

22 plus 10!

Whew, 10 years ago I can remember looking in the mirror with tears in my eyes barely holding myself together.  I can remember begging God to help me cope with the pain I was experiencing! It’s an unexplainable feeling trying to be as positive as possible while being an emotional wreck! Birthdays were always big for me! January 24th, 2010 was the BEST birthday my mother gave me and sadly a month later I was hit with the reality that it was the last. Every year I vowed to do something to celebrate life seeing to how it could easily be gone within the blink of an eye. It seemed as if no matter how much I tried to move forward what was supposed to be a celebration of my life somehow always linked to a painful memory of death! Using my greatest efforts to move forward there was still the dull pain of loss always finding it’s way to pull on my heartstrings! I can remember relating to the lyrics of Notorious B.I.G “Birthdays was the worst days”! But OHHHHHH how God can change the trajectory of your story at any given moment! Read more


As I entered into 2019 I vowed to keep an open mind and to stand steadfast on what I believe. I felt myself going through a constant shift. My focus shifted, my relationships shifted, my finances shifted, my mindset shifted and even my prayer life shift! EVERYTHING SHIFTED! As this shift was taking place I realized that the prayers I have prayed, the words I had spoken, the things on my mind and the desires of my heart were there in the mix! I have always been one that believes that being in proper position and posture is important. Although sometimes life happens and we kind of get distracted, GOD has a way of redirecting us back to where we need to be right? Yes! Right! Well, the shift I was going through actually helped me remain in proper posture but most of all it shifted me into the direction GOD needed me to be in.

I know that it can be uncomfortable going through transitions by personal experience I’ve had in my own life. But, what I have come to find out and appreciate is that although things may seem a bit uncomfortable God is transitioning me. There will be times in life where GOD will also take you through a shifting. It may seem like you’re lost or can’t fully understand what’s going on, But trust that GOD has things all under control. As I stated at the beginning of this blog, I was going through a constant shift! EVERYTHING SHIFTED! At first, I felt a little uncomfortable but I stood on what I believed! I knew that it was nobody but the Lord himself when I saw my prayers showing up in the shift! My declarations were manifesting in the shift, my hearts desires were birthing in this shift!!!! Read more


On the journey of growth, we can be so hard on ourselves! We put ourselves through so much unnecessary stress! Focusing on life’s time table we tend to forget that the GOD that we serve doesn’t operate of time!!! Every blessing promised to us will be ours when the time is right! We get all worked up thinking that we have to perfect and get everything right all the time! Read more



Proverbs 3:5-6 says Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, lean not unto your own understanding. But in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path.

I have learned by personal experience that the more that I TRUST GOD the more he leads and guides me. The more that I TRUST him deposits into me! When I TRUST GOD with every area of my life I am firmly believing that I can rely on him, his truth and ability! I am not leaning to my own understanding because when I trust GOD I acknowledge that he is in control! Read more

I am the fine print!

This blog is to encourage the woman who is out here being intentional in life! Please don’t give up! Do not be discouraged by what it looks like! Continue to work hard, invest in yourself and master your craft! You don’t have to rush, life is a journey and not a race! TAKE YOUR TIME! What you have to offer is worth it!

I have been personally taking time to focus on what it is that God has given me to offer this world! I don’t take lightly the assignment that God has placed on my life for me to fulfill. I understand that what I possess can only be accessed through thoroughly knowing and understanding who God is and what he can do! There are specific details about me! You can not skim through what you see, but you have to take time and read my “FINE PRINT”. Read more


It’s an unexplainable feeling when the things you’ve prayed for end up becoming your reality! The mere fact that GOD knew I was able to carry such a vision and instill all that was required to make it manifest within me is like WOW!
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