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I can weather the STORM!

If it’s one thing in life that I’ve learned it’s this…. ” I can weather any storm!”  The same way we prepare for a storm in the natural is the same way we should be prepared in the spirit. Think about it! When we hear that we will be hit by a storm the first […]

Can you focus on ME?

H.E.R made a song called “Can you focus on me”. I must say from the beat, tempo, lyrics the song is a good vibe right? I was sitting listening to this song and behold God speaks in the midst! I started laughing like GOD you have a great sense of humor but I hear you. […]


This blog is dedicated to all my sisters who have been tapping into their purpose! It’s for my sisters who have been healing and discovering just how dope you are! Oh yea and my sisters who are out here being intentional in all they do! Girllllllll keep doing your thing! Keep reading and let me […]

Mind your own business

We live in a society that thrives off of negativity. People have been operating in the crab in the bucket mentality for so long that it has become the “NEW NORMAL”! I mean the goal is growth and elevation, right? I’ve been asked many times and on numerous occasions why is it so hard for […]


I remember growing up and saying all the things that I would do. Born into this world as a creative my mind was always running at a fast pace! As I began to grow older I realized GOD wouldn’t give me visions, dreams, and goals that I would be able to accomplish off my own […]

22 plus 10!

Whew, 10 years ago I can remember looking in the mirror with tears in my eyes barely holding myself together.  I can remember begging God to help me cope with the pain I was experiencing! It’s an unexplainable feeling trying to be as positive as possible while being an emotional wreck! Birthdays were always big […]


As I entered into 2019 I vowed to keep an open mind and to stand steadfast on what I believe. I felt myself going through a constant shift. My focus shifted, my relationships shifted, my finances shifted, my mindset shifted and even my prayer life shift! EVERYTHING SHIFTED! As this shift was taking place I […]


On the journey of growth, we can be so hard on ourselves! We put ourselves through so much unnecessary stress! Focusing on life’s time table we tend to forget that the GOD that we serve doesn’t operate of time!!! Every blessing promised to us will be ours when the time is right! We get all […]


  Proverbs 3:5-6 says Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, lean not unto your own understanding. But in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path. I have learned by personal experience that the more that I TRUST GOD the more he leads and guides me. The more that I […]

I am the fine print!

This blog is to encourage the woman who is out here being intentional in life! Please don’t give up! Do not be discouraged by what it looks like! Continue to work hard, invest in yourself and master your craft! You don’t have to rush, life is a journey and not a race! TAKE YOUR TIME! […]