I am big on authentic relationships and friendships. I am a private person, but open to those who know me. I like peace, I use logic, I think before I act, I evaluate before I respond, and I expect that from others. Who I allow in my personal space is BIG to me. I understand what I carry can’t be compromised and I am sure of who I am. I understand seasons, reasons, and timing. I am all about being with and around those who understand HONOR. Lately, God has been dealing with me in the spirit about honor!

On my journey of becoming, I have learned that those who can’t honor who you are in need to be dismissed from the VIP section of your life. This will seem to be a harsh reality for those who aren’t mature enough to understand. The friendships and relationships that you build with others should honor who YOU ARE IN CHRIST! They should exemplify the same qualities, standards and be like minded. Although we are human by nature we are also spiritual beings. What we possess must be handled properly. We must have genuine and authentic individuals around us to help carry on through this journey. Like I stated before God has been dealing with me on honor! When there is a specific calling on your life and God is trying to elevate you, he wants to make sure you are around those who HONOR you!

Yesterday as Pastor and I celebrated our 4th Pastoral anniversary and the word was being brought forth God spoke to my spirit. He was confirming so much through the Bishop as he spoke the word. Honor was again one of the whispers God has spoken to me! My heart is for people, I love people and always want the best for them. I wish and want to see everyone do well and become who God has created them to be. But God reminded me that I am positioned to push them to certain point and only those that truly honor me, my calling,anointing,gifting and all of who I am will journey with me. I can’t afford to be around anyone that doesn’t value and honor who I am or what I carry. Where God is taking me, everyone can’t go.  I have been constantly observing, evaluating and taking inventory on my relationships and I am being obedient to Gods voice. I am making sure that I am cultivating and accepting the divine connections and relationships that God is sending into my life. I am accepting and embracing the relationships that will honor me!

Today I encourage you all to  first do a self check! Are you confidently walking in what God has called you to do? Do you honor GOD through your faith,your walk and actions? Take an inventory of those around you. Do they possess the same qualities and standards? Are they like minded people?  Are they mature enough to recieve what you have to give? Can they handle being changelled and corrected without offense? How do they respond to change and opposition? How is their character? Are they an asset to your journey or liablity? Most of all DO THEY TRULY HONOR YOU? Be still enough to hear the voice of God and be obedient when you do! God has new levels he is trying to take you to. Be prepared to let go and dismiss others gracefully and with love. Those that dishonor you can’t truly walk with or stand with you. The walk isn’t always easy but God has equipped you for the journey!

Be blessed and encouraged. It is my prayer the God will remove everything and everyone that’s not for you, your purpose or journey! May he give you the strength to accept his will and allow it to be done in your life! May God continue to work on your heart and allow you to give from a genuine and authentic place so that you can discern and identify when genuine and authentic individuals are coming into your life!


Lady Ashley

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