The Closed Chapter of an Open Book

“Maya Angelou wrote a quote that states ” There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”

When I read this quote it touched me in an unexplainable way because of its truth! Agony is defined as extreme physical or mental suffering. Many of us have untold stories within us. There are situations that we’ve faced, circumstances current and past, trauma, rape, molestation, abuse (verbal or mental), addictions and the list goes on. There is something in everyone’s life that takes them to a place of hurt! Just the thought of it makes your heart ache, tears form in your eyes and it even makes you feel emotions you’d rather not feel at all. 

Personally reflecting, I remember battling cancer with my mother! Waking up daily and clinging on to hope and a prayer. Relying on faith, not knowing what to expect or how things would be, which way the day could turn and thoughts racing through my mind. At times not knowing how to express myself or where to direct my emotions I would just shut down. It was when life began to drastically change that my journal and pen became my two best friends. I learned that writing was my way of releasing and expressing whatever I was withholding on the inside. I learned that the only return I would get from holding in my pain, hurt, frustration and an UNTOLD STORY was AGONY! Maya Angelou’s quote stuck with me!

I remember God guiding my hand as I began to write my book. I remember opening my journal and beginning to write the first sentence. I felt a release because I wrote my book as I was going through my experience. I felt my way through my pain and writing my story! I became free when I shared MY LIFE, MY STORY, MY TESTIMONY!   Check out my introduction to my newly released book “The Closed Chapter of an Book”- below



We all have a story, some people share theirs and some people just keep on writing! There is a Chapter in everyone’s life that they’d rather not go back and read! You know that place in life that had you to the point where you didn’t care if the story ended or if you would ever be able to have the strength to write another chapter! Well, I know my Chapter was devastating! I thought that there was no possible way that I would ever be able to pick up a pen and even place the period at the ending! But with GOD I was able to take it day by day. Each moment became just another memory, each day became a sentence, and every month became a part of my closed Chapter! I write this story to encourage anyone who has lost someone special and thought that their story had ended! God gives us brand new mercies daily and his grace is surely sufficient! I encourage you to keep on living daily and see how the pages begin to unfold. My Testimony may be yours too, just in a different format! I share with you the most trying and darkest Chapter of my life. I have closed the Chapter but my story still continues! I pray that you are blessed by the words and the struggle that I share with you.

You can purchase a copy here on my website or at my upcoming book signing January 26th, 2019!

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