This blog is dedicated to all my sisters who have been tapping into their purpose! It’s for my sisters who have been healing and discovering just how dope you are! Oh yea and my sisters who are out here being intentional in all they do! Girllllllll keep doing your thing! Keep reading and let me encourage you!

I remember when God gave me clear instructions on what I needed to be doing and how I would get it done. I must say this, it took me a moment to take it all in. Once I began the journey and moved forward in obedience everything in my life changed. Living on Purpose is the best and most rewarding thing ever! Don’t get me wrong there will be seasons of loneliness that you will experience along the way as God continues to realign and redirect you. But even with those seasons, you must know just how dope you are! Girl think about it! As dope as you are can you believe that God is not through with you yet? Chile you read what I wrote! That’s the kind of God we out here serving!

I want to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing even if you feel nobody notices you! The moment you decide to say yes to God is also the moment that you must be ready and willing to say no to people, places, and things that are not aligned with your assignment. You will begin to experience rejection and go through many phases of disconnection! I want to encourage you by saying as you begin to experience these changes you must continue to push forward! It is a process to become who God has called you to be. The more you walk in your purpose, tap into your anointing, and fulfill the calling on your life will be the more you notice attacks coming your way from the enemy! These attacks will not come from strangers. I’m speaking nuggets of wisdom from my personal experience. It will be those closest to you that have not fully surrendered to God’s will that will reject and resist you the most. When this happens, remember that it’s not personal it’s purposeful! People will have a hard time accepting the NEW you!.


  • You once had many things in common and now things are different
  •  The requirement of change that must take place in their lives in order to have access to you.

You will experience times where you will receive little to no support from those you know, consider family or friends, or have personally supported. When you reach this phase understand that God is shifting you and making room for those who are attached to the level God is elevating you to. You must keep pushing your kingdom assignment sis! Continue listening to the voice of God. Keep working on writing your book, building your brand, focusing on your business, putting out new content, creating your website, and birthing the things God has put in your belly!

If they don’t like, share or comment on any of your a post- Keep posting and help someone who needs the message or information.

If they never purchase a product- Keep promoting, selling, and restocking.

Don’t stop living out your purpose for anybody! They see your light sis!







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