It’s an unexplainable feeling when the things you’ve prayed for end up becoming your reality! The mere fact that GOD knew I was able to carry such a vision and instill all that was required to make it manifest within me is like WOW!
I just want to encourage the women out there with visions that exceed your financial status, dreams that seem impossible and goals that often times feel like the hardest and unattainable! YOU CAN DO IT! PUT YOUR FAITH INTO IT!  If God has planted something in your heart trust and believe that he has given you everything you need to make it manifest! I remember a time when I questioned what I knew God was calling me to do. I could clearly recognize the voice of GOD in my life, but there was the fear of  “not knowing” how things would turn out. It was in that moment when God clearly spoke to my spirit and told me to use what he gave me! Of course, I’m a bit puzzled because I’m like lord it’s not much and doesn’t seem like enough to get what you’re asking me to get done. #1 mistake- I doubted God even when he told me he had it under control! I’m pretty sure many of you have been in the same position! But I have learned and want to say if and when God clearly speaks to you 1. Listen 2. Be obedient 3. Know that what he says is what he means!

I can say my journey as an author has been one for the books! Journaling had always been “my thing”! I love to put my thoughts on paper, reflect back and see how much growth had taken place in my life. I’ve always wanted to blog, encourage and help others through the sharing of personal experience! The moment God showed me that I would be an author blew my mind. My story was already written, I just needed to go through the publishing process, file for copyrights, get a graphic designer and so on! Of course it all COSTS!  I had to go into a state of extreme FOCUS and enter into a more aggressive level of FAITH. Taking time to invest in me and remaining faithful to God (still going to church, paying my tithes and sowing seeds) allowed me to remain focused on GOD and his promise! In the process of it, FAITH ended up changing the COST and process! FAITH gave me FAVOR! I am an Author, Blogger, have my own website now and I have some more exciting things in the works!

So beautiful WOMAN OF GOD be encouraged and know that YOU CAN DO IT! PUT YOUR FAITH INTO IT! YOUR DREAM IS NOT TOO BIG! Your VISION is going to come to pass, your vision is for you to understand not everyone else! God has equipped you with every gift required to make it happen! Trust the disconnections and new connections, He is aligning you in the proper position to meet those who will be for you and your journey! The proper resources are being placed into your life!  Let my experience give you hope and encourage you that GOD CAN AND WILL DO IT FOR YOU TOO!


-Lady Ashley

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