As I entered into 2019 I vowed to keep an open mind and to stand steadfast on what I believe. I felt myself going through a constant shift. My focus shifted, my relationships shifted, my finances shifted, my mindset shifted and even my prayer life shift! EVERYTHING SHIFTED! As this shift was taking place I realized that the prayers I have prayed, the words I had spoken, the things on my mind and the desires of my heart were there in the mix! I have always been one that believes that being in proper position and posture is important. Although sometimes life happens and we kind of get distracted, GOD has a way of redirecting us back to where we need to be right? Yes! Right! Well, the shift I was going through actually helped me remain in proper posture but most of all it shifted me into the direction GOD needed me to be in.

I know that it can be uncomfortable going through transitions by personal experience I’ve had in my own life. But, what I have come to find out and appreciate is that although things may seem a bit uncomfortable God is transitioning me. There will be times in life where GOD will also take you through a shifting. It may seem like you’re lost or can’t fully understand what’s going on, But trust that GOD has things all under control. As I stated at the beginning of this blog, I was going through a constant shift! EVERYTHING SHIFTED! At first, I felt a little uncomfortable but I stood on what I believed! I knew that it was nobody but the Lord himself when I saw my prayers showing up in the shift! My declarations were manifesting in the shift, my hearts desires were birthing in this shift!!!!

In order for me to have received what I had been praying, fasting and praising for… EVERYTHING HAD TO SHIFT! Most of all I HAD TO SHIFT! I made a vow to keep an open mind and stand steadfast on what I believed and that was GODS WORD and GODS PROMISES! A shift had to take place in my life. In order for me to get what I had been seeking GOD for he had to allow some things to arise to shift me into the proper posture and position to get it. The small tests of my faith were shifting me- It postured me in a prostrate position of prayer. The shifting of my finances- It positioned me to remain faithful in my giving and add a greater expectation onto the seeds I sow. The shifting of my relationships- positioned me to pay attention who is about my fathers business, who is serious about the things that I am, and to never forget to be equally yoked with those I’m surrounded by. The shifting of my mindest and prayer life- It shifted me into the posture of receiving! EVERYTHING HAD TO SHIFT! My obedience through the shift has allowed me to be shifted in a NEW position and LEVEL. The one that GOD purposed me to be in.

So to my sister who read this blog to the end,

Don’t resist the shift! Become serious about your FAITH and your WALK WITH THE LORD! Though it may seem a bit uncomfortable TRUST GOD AS HE SHIFTS YOU! There is going to be a testing of your FAITH, RELATIONSHIPS, FINANCES and more but let GOD shift you! You can get distracted by the things going on if you don’t focus on the Lord in the midst of it all.  As we all have jobs and sometimes you may have to ask for a shift change, We work for the Lord! He has put us here for a reason and wants us all blessed! If you’ve been seeking a promotion in him and you’re ready for a new position. IT’S TIME TO ASK FOR YOUR SHIFT CHANGE! Be encouraged

-Lady Ashley


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