On the journey of growth, we can be so hard on ourselves! We put ourselves through so much unnecessary stress! Focusing on life’s time table we tend to forget that the GOD that we serve doesn’t operate of time!!! Every blessing promised to us will be ours when the time is right! We get all worked up thinking that we have to perfect and get everything right all the time!

The moment I realized I am growing and changing every day is the moment I had to sit and thank GOD for where I am. I had to thank him for the good, the bad and UGLY parts of my journey. The parts of my life that are intimate yet sensitive to me helped me grow. The bad decisions that I once beat myself up about were vital to me being able to acknowledge patterns, red flags and move accordingly. Oh boy and the UGLY stage of my transformation!!!! We all will come to the point where we have to acknowledge our own personal flaws, toxic traits, and bad habits. We all have to have a “look in the mirror” experience! That’s the toughest yet best point we can all come to! It allows us to accept that we are imperfect, that we need JESUS in every way and most of all that we have work to do on this journey that starts with “US”.

I want to encourage you and say this….. Every time you feel that you’re not where you need to be, tell yourself “I AM BECOMING”. On the day’s things seem a little rough, remind yourself I am in the midst of the process of “BECOMING” who GOD is calling me to be! Every time you feel the urge to doubt yourself, press yourself against time or compare yourself to others remember life is a JOURNEY and not a race! Pace yourself, take your time, learn from your mistakes, get the lessons from the test you go through, ACCEPT where you are and trust where GOD is taking you to! MOST OF ALL- ALWAYS REMIND YOURSELF THAT YOU’RE IN A CONSTANT STATE OF BECOMING!


-Lady Ashley

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