22 plus 10!

Whew, 10 years ago I can remember looking in the mirror with tears in my eyes barely holding myself together.  I can remember begging God to help me cope with the pain I was experiencing! It’s an unexplainable feeling trying to be as positive as possible while being an emotional wreck! Birthdays were always big for me! January 24th, 2010 was the BEST birthday my mother gave me and sadly a month later I was hit with the reality that it was the last. Every year I vowed to do something to celebrate life seeing to how it could easily be gone within the blink of an eye. It seemed as if no matter how much I tried to move forward what was supposed to be a celebration of my life somehow always linked to a painful memory of death! Using my greatest efforts to move forward there was still the dull pain of loss always finding it’s way to pull on my heartstrings! I can remember relating to the lyrics of Notorious B.I.G “Birthdays was the worst days”! But OHHHHHH how God can change the trajectory of your story at any given moment!

The number 10 symbolizes completeness! It took a course of 10 whole years for GOD to completely add the REAL HAPPY to my birthday! A decade later looking at my mirrored reflected I must say God’s Grace looks good! From a  broken girl navigating through life the best way she could to a whole woman walking in PURPOSE, I’m a witness to  2 Corinthians 12:9!!! I love how GOD took each year of my life and made me his example! I AM God’s example to the world that he can take what is broken and make it beautiful- Isaiah 61:3. I AM God’s example of turning pain into purpose-Psalms 147:3. I AM God’s example of what it looks like to walk in FAITH no matter the circumstance. I AM God’s example of what fully surrendering and submitting to his perfect will looks like. I AM because HE IS!!!




I thank God for everything he has done through my birthing process. As I enter into Chapter 32 I have a completely different view on life. It’s amazing how trauma can change your life. Some people allow trauma to change their lives negatively and then there are others such as myself who have it allowed to be the driving force of BECOMING! But, the only reason all that has happened has changed me in a positive way is because I know the lord for myself. I am in relationship with him and he is in the center of all that I do. Chapter 32 is very personal for me and I’m excited to see what GOD has in store as I venture forward on my journey!!


Thanks for reading my Birthday blog. Gods love and blessing to everyone!



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