I remember growing up and saying all the things that I would do. Born into this world as a creative my mind was always running at a fast pace! As I began to grow older I realized GOD wouldn’t give me visions, dreams, and goals that I would be able to accomplish off my own ability. I can recall all the BIG things that I wanted to do, things that would require much sacrifice. I never had it all figured out on how I would get a lot of things done but I DID IT ANYWAY!  I have always been a person of great faith and keeping Jesus at the center of it all.   There were some lessons I learned along the way and some were harder to accept than others. Sharing is caring and I want to encourage someone to go after whatever it is God has placed in your heart to fulfill on this earth with the lessons I’ve learned!

Lesson #1 FEAR IS THE THIEF OF DREAMS! God gave it to you beacuse you can carry out the assignment/task/vision! I rememebr seeking God asking why he chose me to do something so BIG! You will have moments of doubt! Uncertainty will creep in. FEAR will try and stop you in your tracks.It’s in our human nature!  Just know that Fear is the enemies trick to rob you of your purpose. Of course he doesn’t want you to give what God has placed in you to this world, His job is to make you question your being,make you think your incapable and unworthy! Off personal experience I understand that there will be times where you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. Just know when God gives you the assignment/task/vison it’s because he as equipped you with everything you need to complete it! Everything required to fulfill it is within you! DO IT AFRAID

Lesson #2 When God gives you a vision he will give you provision! What is provision? The action of providing or supplying something for use. Your dreams,visions, goals and business plans  never match  your finances! HELLO somebody! As the Baptist preacher would say… Can I get a witness??? God will not give you something that he is unable to help you sustain!  He is a provider and has given you the tools to make it work! I remember when  God showed me that I must start doing yearly vision board events. My first event was me moving off of Gods instruction and it happened, everything worked out. But then I thought about the next year! I recall on many occassions trying to figure how I would fund an event with an increased attendee rate, get catering, buy supplies and so on. (I was operating out the flesh) Then God reminded me of how he allowed me to meet certain people, the great standing relationships I had created with them and the resources they had to offer. He reminded me of the many seeds I had planted in others and their foundations,ministries and movements. For some of you wondering… he made you a people person for a reason and like myself you have a contagious spirit and persosnality. God has already allowed you to meet NEW people and build good relationships. You are already connected to the resources you need! You have provision! DO IT BROKE

Lesson #3 Who you begin with is not who you will always end with! Hard pill to swallow when trying to DO your thing! Truth is  GOD GAVE YOU THE VISION FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND!  Your day ones aren’t going to be your A1’s. When you set out to accomplish something great God has to remove everyone who will cause you to become stagnant! You have to understand you are either growing together or growin apart along your journey of becoming who God created you to be. You will not be able to reach your full potential or  get to the set goal with indivisuals who are secretly jealous and envious of you.  You have to pay attention to how people respond to your good news. You have to be observant of how people truly support you. There will be those who want to be close to watch but distant in support. You can love people but you must love them enought to let them go and allow GOD to work on their heart. God will begin to reveal and expose the hearts of others towards you as he begins to elevate. History doesn’t always meet destiny! The word Friend has end in it. Everyone can’t climb the stairs with you because some are trying to find a way to push you down! God needs for you to have people who are prepared to walk with you on your next level! He will place the proper people in you path that will help push you to your next! God will give you equally yoked, spiritual minded relationships with those who are operating on the level you’re getting ready to elevate to or higher. Sometimes it’ll just be you and GOD. IF YOU HAVE TO… DO IT ALONE


These are just a few lessons I learned while walking in obedience. To the woman with BIG plans remember that we serve a BIG GOD! That business you want to start DO IT, that degree you want to go after DO IT, that book you want to write DO IT, that house you want to buy DO IT! If you have to do it afraid DO IT ! If you have to do it alone DO IT!  If they don’t  like or share your craft,material or product still DO IT.  IF NOBODY SUPPORTS OR HELPS YOU, SIS STEP OUT ON FAITH AND DO IT ANYWAY!! Don’t hold back any longer!!! The world awaits what you have to offer!

JOB 42:1-2

Job replied to the LORD: 2 “I know that you can do anything and nothing that you plan is impossible. 


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