Balance and Alignment

Have you ever felt like you need more time for yourself? Between work, responsibilities, marriage, relationship, or maybe even motherhood… you just want a break! Trying to constantly juggle the many tasks you have and make time for yourself can seem impossible at times. Finding balance and learning to manage your time wisely can seem like a task. But it can also be an identifier that we may be out of alignment with our relationship with God.  Read more

Can you handle it?

Usher made a song titled ” Can you handle it”. Many will listen to the lyrics and notice that it has an intimate meeting the further along you listen. But, I want to focus on specific parts of the song that God brought to my attention to using. The song starts off by saying What’s up, baby? I’m so glad I got you here, I’m so in love with you, And I don’t ever wanna lose you, I wanna take this to the next level, I hope you ready. God is trying to relay a message to those who have been seeking him! There are somethings that have forced you to want to be in his presence. He’s pleased to know that you are getting in his presence and wants you to remain in this position and posture. He doesn’t want to lose you, he wants you to remain in this posture and allow him to speak to you. There is a NEW LEVEL that he wants to take you to. God wants to take you to this NEXT LEVEL but he wants to make you sure you are ready! He has to see that you can handle what you’ve been praying for!

Usher then goes to the next part and asks the question “Can you handle it, if I go there, baby, with you?” Many of you reading this today have been seeking God for some BIG things. You’ve been praying for things that are beyond your reach! You’ve been praying for things beyond your control! You’ve been praying for some things that you know and understand can’t be obtained through your natural abilities. You know that you need God to move in order for this thing to happen! But just as Usher posed the question… God is saying ” Can you handle it?” If he goes there with you sis, CAN YOU HANDLE IT??? If he allows you to be presented with that opportunity you’ve been praying for, CAN YOU HANDLE IT? If he gives you that promotion you’ve been praying for, CAN YOU HANDLE IT? If he releases the lender to give you the loan to purchase that home, CAN YOU HANDLE IT? If he sends you the husband and it leads to marriage, CAN YOU HANDLE IT? If he gives you that financial blessing, CAN YOU HANDLE IT?  If he allows you to elevate spiritually, CAN YOU HANDLE IT?

Don’t be discouraged if the things you’ve been praying for haven’t made it to you yet sis! Be reminded that God loves you! He is pleased to see that you have decided to enter into his presence. He wants you to know he doesn’t want to lose you! You must remain in his presence and consistently seek him. Your heart posture towards him and position in prayer is what moves his hand on your behalf! Remain faithful to him. To someone who is reading this today, God is watching, he cares and he is about to reward you for your obedience, faithfulness, and discipline to his word and instructions. Although at times it has been difficult, just know that he has been preparing you! He wants to take you to the next level! Every test you had in this season of your life was just God asking you in the spirit CAN YOU HANDLE IT?

Be Blessed!

Lady Ashley

Have you been tried in the FIRE?

There’s an old song that I use to hear by The Florida Mass choir called “Have you been tried in the fire”. Over the weekend I took time to reflect and spend some quiet time with God. I was working on a project and paused, I began to think about my mother’s death anniversary approaching. I sat in the middle of my bed and looked at her picture that’s sitting in the middle of my dresser. I heard God clearly speak to my spirit and say Have you been tried in the fire? Read more


Have you ever felt like everyone around you was moving up, reaching their goals, flourishing, and becoming?  Did you find yourself becoming bitter? Starting to compare or compete? Have you ever gotten to the point where you began to grow weary and ask God ” WHAT ABOUT ME”? Today I want to encourage the women who are always comparing their lives to others. I want to help the women who find it hard to congratulate the accomplishments of other women. I want to also help the women who are secretly competing against those they consider friends. Sis, you do not have to operate like that. God has not forgettn you! Keep reading I have a message for you! Read more

Can you love me naked?

In a world where everyone feels they must be well made up and close to perfect we often forget the beauty of nakedness. So many people hide behind materials and try to make things look a certain way just for acceptance. The smiles hide pain, the make up hides blemishes and truth is we’ll do anything to cover up a flaw. We have a tendacy of trying to hide the things that really have made us who we are. Truth is, no one is perfect and we all have flaws. We all have a past and sometimes certain moments aren’t easy to revisit. If we could we’d bury ourself in things to refrain from having to be vulnerable with others. Read more

The life of Luxury

I’ve looked defeat in the face so many times. I’ve struggled to keep my faith before. I’ve asked God for clarity on WHY I faced some of the challenges I have plenty of times. Life sometimes has gotten the best of me and discouragement has even tried to become my friend.  I’ve been down, hurt and broken and even played the game of pretending. Girl I know! It’s been a rough and bumpy road but I’m glad I didn’t stop! I am so happy I found a man, a REAL  man and he introduced me to a lifestyle that I’ll never give up! Read more

Gird up your loins!

It’s amazing how life is so unpredictable! One day you’re up in the clouds and then life hits you with a hard blow! I can honestly say that I’ve taken some blows that knocked the wind completely out of me! I’m pretty sure many of you have the same testimony. One thing I have learned is that when life comes at you full force you gird up your loins and prepare to take action!

Girding up your loins prepares you to take on a difficult or challenging situation. No matter what angle the trials, troubles, and attacks of life came from I was prepared to strike back! Year after year leading up to my birthday the enemy would try to use memories as an attack on my mind. Those who have read my book or followed my birthday blogs, you are aware I lost my mother at 22 years old. Though the loss was challenging and one of the most difficult blows to recover from I came back with a second wind! My mother’s death was the very thing that taught me how to properly gird up loins!

In preparation for war, a soldier’s belt gave them freedom of movement. Like the soldier and his belt I learned how to gird up my loins with one of the best accessories a girl can have “the belt of truth”. By wearing the belt of truth I was able to be kept free from the lies of the enemy and abide in God’s truth. Every year the enemy would try to use memories as an attack and try to make me give into the spirit of depression. Guess who would always win, ME! I would knock the enemy out with the word of GOD and declare that I had peace of mind and that I am free. Instead of carrying the spirit of sorrow, I would rejoice for the memories and remind the enemy of what Isaiah 61:3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified. Being girded with the belt of truth allowed me to be truthful and sincere with God about how I felt and kept me in fellowship with him.

I encourage everyone who may read this blog to stay in the ring! The last time I checked we serve a God who is undefeated and he’s never lost a battle. You can make it past whatever it is you’re facing. When life hits you with a hard blow even if you fall, GET BACK UP! Gird up your loins and remind the enemy whose you are! Never give up! Trust in God and the process he’s taking you through. This time show the enemy who has control! You only have one life on this side of time, take action and LIVE!

This year I celebrate 33 years of life and I am blessed to say that God has been good and faithful! I will continue forward in faith and in Purpose.


It’s not what you know, It’s WHO you know!

All my life I heard the saying “It’s not about what you know but WHO you know!” Growing up I would always wonder why is it that “who you know ” is more important than what you know. Looking back over my life I have found this saying to be true. As I sit here reflecting on life and my accomplishments no matter how much I know, I have found that it has always been about who I was connected to that has really gotten me to where I am. Read more

Who’s going to STOP me?

Self-discovery and self-love will have you in a whole different mindset. The more you understand who you are and know whose you are the slimmer the chance a person has at playing games with you. Read more

Ready or not here I come!

After a year like 2020, there’s no way that anyone should be the same. Although last year brought many challenges I must say it developed me in many ways.  I’m sure you will be able to relate to many things I’m about to pour out. Read more