Balance and Alignment

Have you ever felt like you need more time for yourself? Between work, responsibilities, marriage, relationship, or maybe even motherhood… you just want a break! Trying to constantly juggle the many tasks you have and make time for yourself can seem impossible at times. Finding balance and learning to manage your time wisely can seem like a task. But it can also be an identifier that we may be out of alignment with our relationship with God. 

Question: Have you ever noticed that when you are falling out of alignment with your relationship with God things seems like they are spiraling out of control? You wrestle with anxiety, become easily overwhelmed, can’t focus, and you end up burning out fast!

It’s true. Think about when we don’t prioritize our time with God, we try and do everything else first. Sometimes unnoticeably we just rush into thinking about all that we have to take care of and dismiss seeking God first. We can become imbalanced and out of line because we gravitate towards the mindset of ” I have to get things taken care of” or “if I don’t start now, it won’t get done”! But if we change our responses to ” let me seek God first”, we’ll notice that he will give us guidance and instruction on how we must get things done.

Learning to put God first brings order, discipline, and balance to our lives. Spending time with God allows us to learn the sound of his voice. Once we know his voice, we can hear him clearly and receive direction and instruction from him. Being in his presence actually gives us a break! When we are overwhelmed and consumed with the many things of life we can go to God! We can give it all to him and allow him to work in our lives.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed, I encourage you to get back in God’s presence! If you feel as though you have been trying to juggle and manage things to no avail, let go and let God! If you have been feeling like you need a break from everything and everyone… It’s time for you to take a break and get back in the face of God. You’re not about to lose it! You’re not about to lose yourself! You just need a realignment and God is waiting and ready for you!

Remember cars aren’t the only things that need alignment, we do too!

Be encouraged,

Lady Ashley


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