I am the fine print!

This blog is to encourage the woman who is out here being intentional in life! Please don’t give up! Do not be discouraged by what it looks like! Continue to work hard, invest in yourself and master your craft! You don’t have to rush, life is a journey and not a race! TAKE YOUR TIME! What you have to offer is worth it!

I have been personally taking time to focus on what it is that God has given me to offer this world! I don’t take lightly the assignment that God has placed on my life for me to fulfill. I understand that what I possess can only be accessed through thoroughly knowing and understanding who God is and what he can do! There are specific details about me! You can not skim through what you see, but you have to take time and read my “FINE PRINT”.

Let’s use the view of an advertisement, you see the big bold 0% or “Only  $299 down” but the fine print is hard to see, it’s not noticeable to everyone. The larger print and bold numbers used is more visible in conjunction with fine print.  What that does is deceives the consumer into believing the offer is more advantageous than it really is!  In the same manner, this is what social media has done! Many of us have gotten easily discouraged based off what we see on all these social media platforms! We look and see people with millions of followers, thousands of likes and comments. We see pictures posted of material things such as cars, expensive cars, and clothing. There are pictures of others in big crowds surrounded by tons of people. Everything “looks” good and there’s an image that is advertised boldly right? All these things catch your attention! But we don’t see the fine print! We don’t see the fine print of unhappiness,brokenness or suicidal thoughts people have. We don’t see the insecurities hidden behind a smile, we don’t see the lost identity! We don’t see that the homes aren’t owned, the cars are rented or that the clothes are apart of a contract or sponsored!

Listen! You don’t have to rush into wanting to be “BIG”, look “IMPORTANT” to people, or strive to be on platforms that were not designed in God’s blueprint for your life! Stop being discouraged and distracted by all of this “FALSE ADVERTISEMENT”! Understand that God has made you hard to see for right now so that your anointing is not tampered with. He has applied full detail and special instructions on your life! You can only be accessed on certain terms and conditions! When it’s time for you to take off people will be not misled because the fine print was thoroughly explained and understood! You can have 0 or 10 likes but God is using you! You can have 30 or 200 followers but your displaying God and the right people are being exposed to him! The gifts that he has given you are not to be misused or taken advantage of. When the time is right God is going to cause a divine appointment to happen in your life! What you have to offer can only be accessed through the reading of your fine print!


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  1. Selena
    Selena says:

    A precise explanation of why many are discouraged in their pursuit of success as they define it. When we figure out our path is not a beaten one where many have traveled, we can work as God directs us knowing the payoff exceeds our biggest imagination. There are no models for what’s inside me. I am comfortable being misunderstood or not counted by the indicators of fortune and fame. My mark is greatness! Glad to be in company with sisters like you!


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