Did she just call me the B word?

The B word??? OMG! I’m pretty sure many of you seen the B word and thought ” I know Lady Ashley is not talking about the female dog” lol Although many of us have been called that “B” word before (raises hand). There comes a point to where you know your worth, you know your value and you recognize that you are a daughter of THE MOST HIGH KING.

There is no one that should disrespect or fix their mouths to call you outside of your name when you know who GOD created you to be. It is also important that you don’t degrade yourself or anyone else by referring yourself or them to that name! I want to change your “B” vocabulary to a new and better version! The only “B” word you should be referred to is BEAUTIFUL because Songs of Songs 4:7 NIV says You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you. Not only are you BEAUTIFUL but you are BLESSED look at Luke 1:45 Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished.” You are also BRAVE, you have fought many battles that no one knows about. Not to mention that you’ve been through a lot but you have also overcome so many things! The most beautiful thing about it all is you are BETTER! You aren’t who you use to be, you don’t do the things you use to do and you don’t think how you use to thing. You have grown and all the things you have faced and God has brought you through have made you the ” BETTER” version of who you are today! Since you’ve become better and you’re relationship with Christ has grown…… Honey, you’ve even become BOLD! Although the enemy may come for you, you have learned to be BOLD and use the word of GOD and the power of PRAYER! So cheers to “TO YOU MY BEAUTIFUL,BLESSED,BRAVE,BETTER AND BOLD QUEENS! Wait… Did I just call you the B word? SURE DID!



The Purpose Zone

Welcome to the Purpose Zone! This is a zone created to PUSH you into the path of Purpose! The purpose zone is a place where you collide with destiny. It takes you to another dimension and will have you on a HIGH-SPEED chase for GOD! So come and enjoy the zone and let’s GET IT ON PURPOSE! Purpose will lead you just where you need to be! You see when you hit this Zone you have no control. GOD leads you to it and guides you through the entire way! I am currently living in MY PURPOSE ZONE! I can truthfully say that if you’re not ready to let GOD take the wheel and direct your life, then my friend you are not ready for this zone. I want to encourage you to let GOD have his way. Understand that everything you have been through and will go through on the journey that lies ahead is all for a PURPOSE! Crowns on, Faith activated it’s time to GO!!!